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Recycling 2000

Recycling 2000 have developed an alternative range of paper bedding called AGRIBED, which has many tried and tested advantages over straw, shavings and sawdust.  Designed for use with or without mats, our unique small shred size guarantees customer satisfaction at all times.  Each bale contains only top quality paper as magazines, cardboard or damp paper are removed before processing.  Some of Ireland’s top breeders and trainers use Agribed.

Apart from being dust free, warm, cost effective and easy to store Agribed helps to maintain and control diet and improves the health of your animal. Straw and other materials can support the growth of various fungi.  The fungi can exist as saprophytes which include the more common genera aspergillus. These micro organisms can cause  “CHRONIC OBSTRUCTIVE PULMONARY DISEASE” more commonly known as Equine COPD.  This respiratory disease closely resembles human asthma.  With COPD the affected animal is inclined to show a hypersensitivity to fungal spores which may be present in large quantities in straw.  COPD is also known as Heaves, Brokenwind, Emphysema and Small Airway Disease.  Horses may be affected by COPD without you knowing, symptoms include: -

               -              a “heave” to expel air out of the lungs at the end of exhaling
               -              a wheezing sound during exercise
               -              coughing
               -              weight loss
               -              lack of energy
               -              intolerance towards exercise
* Always consult your vetinary surgeon for proper diagnosis

Environmental Management with associated mediacal treatment is seen as the simplest way to treat COPD and the removal of dusty bedding is essential.  Don’t just take our word on it, expert research show:


“Reduce dust in the stable by removing bedding such as straw or shavings”

“Consider limiting the use of straw bedding” “limit the eating of bedding”
Source: Ministry of Agriculture and Food Ontario.CA.

“Once a COPD horse is stabled, it is necessary to eliminate the use of straw for bedding” Source: Rachele J. Baker & Equine Pulmonary Laboratory

Advantages of Agribed Paper Bedding
Dust is extracted from the paper during the                  shredding  and baling process.

Properly managed paper carries no disease and does not encourage fungal growth.

Paper keeps your horse much drier than straw as it localises the urine affected area due to its highly absorbent nature.


Paper is proven to keep your horse warmer, cleaner and drier than straw or shavings.


When mixed with manure and rainwater it makes excellent compost.

Horses do not eat paper making control of diet much easier.

Why spend huge sums of money on storage sheds when you can have your supply delivered directly to your door on a weekly or monthly basis all year  round.
Use your space for horses not storage.





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